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Cleantech Landscape Event

On 04.30.19, we brought together 12 Cleantech startup support organizations for a unique collaborative event titled “Cleantech Ecosystem:  Navigating the Massachusetts Cleantech Landscape.” The organizations, along with the startups they have helped nurture along their entrepreneurial journey, presented to a crowd of 120+ attendees at our Host Sponsor, Foley Hoag. Attendees were treated to [...]

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Resilience Comes Alive in Andover Microgrid

A microgrid is an electrical distribution network with underground wires that serves two or more buildings in a local area. Microgrids can enter ‘island mode’ and separate from the larger electrical grid when there is a major outage – self supplying with locally generated energy. You may have seen the recent announcement regarding the [...]

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The Circular Economy is a Growth Economy

The circular economy – based on core principles of reuse and regeneration – is providing opportunities for companies to drive growth, innovation, and competitiveness.  At a recent MIT Enterprise Forum CleanTech event “What if the goods of today became the resources of tomorrow? Finding opportunities in the Circular Economy”, panelists and a lively audience discussed [...]

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Energy Storage

Driven by the transformative nature of the power sector, energy storage industry is on the cusp of an explosive growth. This past year was a game-changer for storage as the market saw range of record-breaking system installations, spate of market acquisitions and introduction of numerous energy storage bills and policies. In today’s “hot” storage [...]

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Seductive Design and Sustainability

Today, the vast majority of the global discussion surrounding climate change is examined primarily through an economic and political lens. It is a rare instance that we consider design in our relationship with energy and the climate, and its capacity to affect us on a deeply personal level. Yet, some of the most successful product [...]

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Driving Change with AVs

Autonomous vehicles are grabbing lots of attention these days. All the major automakers are involved in development in hopes of getting a piece of the market. Plus, tech companies and ride sharing services are getting into the game. Forward-looking cities are discussing how AVs will fit into the transportation mix. With any game-changing technology, [...]

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Smart Water – Smart Cities

Can Smart Water Technologies Quench the Thirst of our Modern Cities? Like real estate, managing water is all about location. In drought stricken areas, the focus is on conservation. In areas where water is more abundant, there are challenges in managing storm water and pipe corrosion. Pipeline corrosion can affect water quality, cause leaks and [...]

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The Energy Blockchain

Enabling a Distributed & Connected Energy Future On Monday, February 22, at the MIT Media Lab, over 200 people joined expert panelists and speakers in an inaugural event which clearly showed how blockchain can enable a distributed energy future. The panel featured highly esteemed speakers from across the blockchain, technology, and energy industries.   The event [...]

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